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Why Choose Online Personal Training?


You have a gym membership. You have some equipment at home. You have the motivation, but you still lack the ability to put all of these amazing intentions to work! Online personal training may be the option for you.

Save Money


Personal training at a studio can cost upwards of $100 per session. Online PT with Revolution Fitness Factory is priced as follows:


2 customized, 1 hour sessions. 1/2 weekly check in with your trainer.


3 customized, 1 hour sessions. 1/2 hour weekly check in with your trainer. Bi-weekly texting.


4 customized, 1 hour sessions. 1/2 hour weekly check-in, daily texting check-ins, Facetime chat to analyze lift form, (Bonus! 3 healthy dinner recipes to incorporate into your diet!)

Each plan comes with a weekly 1/2 hour phone call with your trainer to check in, log results, and give you the motivation to crush the next week's plan!

Your workout will be specifically tailored just for you! After your initial (free) phone consultation, our trainers will get right to work building you the plan you need to achieve the results you want! Lean muscle growth, weight loss, athletic performance, we sculpt your body for you!

It's all about YOU!

The best part about Online PT is that it's done on your schedule! Before work, after school, at home, it's all up to you! All you need to do is take our printable with you, and follow the plan! A trainer will check in with you to ensure that you're following  your plan be on hand to answer any questions you have.

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Workout plans are designed around YOU! No gym membership? No problem! We can design all body weight workouts with minimal equipment needed, or workouts utilizing your current gym membership. 

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