WarriorFIT by Revolution Fitness Factory

Walk in Strong, Leave Stronger.

Philadelphia hottest new fitness studio!


What happened to Revolution Fitness Factory?

The RFF that you know and love is EVER changing. When we first opened, we were a fitness experiment. We came to a community with very few fitness options and offered a variety of classes.

As the months went on, we found out what the neighborhood preferred (our two most popular classes): PlyoFIT and Warrior Bootcamp. So we went all in and decided to offer ONLY the best. Enter: WarriorFIT, a full body training program meant to deliver maximum results with minimal time at the gym - at a price everyone can afford!

So the RFF you love is STILL HERE, we’re now laser-focused with your results in mind! Classes include:





WHat is “Warriorfit”

“FIT” stands for “Frequency” , “Intensity”, and “Time”. We offer you high intensity, at a level you can attend frequently, with minial time needed for someone with a busy lifestyle. Dumbbells, battleropes, kettlebells, TRX, you’ll find it all in our total body programming that is never repeated! Bring out your inner-warrior!