WarriorFIT by Revolution Fitness Factory

Walk in Strong, Leave Stronger.

Philadelphia hottest new fitness studio!


What is “Warriorfit”?

“FIT” stands for “Frequency” , “Intensity”, and “Time”. We offer you strength, conditioning, and mobility, at a level you can attend frequently, with minimal time needed for someone with a busy lifestyle. Dumbbells, battleropes, kettlebells, TRX, you’ll find it all in our programming. Each workout is intention based and grounded in reality.

WarriorFIT is the creation of co-owner/founder, Ari Dueñas. Ari is a highly credentialed fitness professional with an experience in a wide variety of methods. After suffering numerous injuries, Ari created WarriorFIT: a safe, effective, total body workout with one goal in mind: get you the body you want without all the bullshit.

Today’s fitness world is filled with distractions: neon lights, “splat” points, candy at the front desk, and unqualified Instagram models teaching random movements in an ineffective class.

We break fitness down to it’s core: getting you internal and external results! That’s why you join a gym in the first place!